The Agency "Zidart" was founded 01.12.1993. god. The company headquarters is located in New Belgrade, at John F. Kennedy br. 18. The agency is registered in Register under number 591. The area of about 100m2, provides excellent working conditions for the employees and customers a very pleasant atmosphere for the conclusion of important sales contracts.

The main activity is mediation in traffic and lease of real estate (apartments, houses, villas, shops, office buildings, lots, industrial sites ...). This is a set of conscientious and professional actions in order to protect the interests of all clients in addition to providing full legal security and discretion.
By that we mean:

  • properties for sale and purchase of real estate
  • valuation of each property - one of the most important segments of business intermediaries in real estate is the exact estimate (based on relevant quality parameters) and positioning of each property to market
  • Presentation of the current real estate
  • Advertising in various media, daily and weekly newspapers, specialized advertisements, TV, internet
  • Sighting of real estate on the ground
  • Finding customers and business negotiation
  • Law controls the validity of documents each real estate
  • making of sale contracts
  • Cooperation with leading commercial banks

Currently, the agency "Zidart" is positioned as one of the most successful and najposlovnijih real estate broker in Belgrade.
Real estate agency "Zidart" is a team of professionally trained-licensed agents and managers who passed through appropriate legal and marketing training can professionally respond to any task. All managers have long contended the purchase and sale of real estate and are known for their professional and homely relationship with clients. In addition, our team consists of attorneys who deal exclusively with property relations. In addition to the Preliminary Agreement and which are part of our brokerage duties will exit you meet legal advice regarding real estate you are interested in.
One of the important segments of our business, of course, the cooperation with the leading banks in Serbia, with the aim of better and faster realization of sales transactions for our customers through mortgages and other forms of credit. Business image of our house is an attractive presentation with extensive advertising in all relevant magazines and daily up to date internet presentation of our agency at, as well as many other sites that specialize in real estate. With the growing importance of integrated marketing communications, we try to keep up, constantly improving their presentation on the Internet. In the future, our plan is to separate presentations related to the sale of the family business and investment related to significant investments in housing and business complexes.
During all these years, with the growth of the company grew, the number of satisfied customers who are over us completed the purchase transaction, certainly with the maintenance of high quality services.
Thanks to strict legal control, maximum, check the documentation and well done Treaties, the agency "Zidart" until now did not have any litigation.
The seriousness, dedication, honesty, and a high degree of professionalism emphasized our company in the market of real estate as a very safe and reliable partner to every family, individual or business who decides to sell a property.