Looking for a job?

In our ZIDART family alike look forward to each of our successfully realized work. We are a team-oriented and professionally support the work of colleagues. We have mandatory free professional training!
To make things closer to illustrate the atmosphere in our ranks, we will find that in an informal atmosphere with music, at least once a month, we celebrate our successes. Every day is filled with humorous witty some of our colleagues, exchange expert advice, and is a positive result inevitable. Always there to listen to each other, and help resolve any issues on buyers or sellers. Colleagues biggest support, and it will not fail if they need help in assessing how the real estate and participants of sales / purchases.

We have known and reliable dealers that we will entrust. The director, as the backbone of our team, you will almost always wait for the client and sign an exclusive contract, and then we left to do, and when it comes to difficult negotiations, the director will be your magic wand that will solve all the way to realization. Simply, we do this work with great enthusiasm and so much attention is focused on agents that we have outgrown the level of peers and become ZIDART families.

We offer:

  • Permanent
  • great percentage
  • The possibility of advertising your complete offer
  • really the best technical support.
  • awards and promotions