Necessary documents before approving the loan

Documents in the bank

1. A statement on the transfer of funds of salary of the borrower (and co-debtor if any) on the account in the bank where credit is booting.
2. The certificate of permanent employment and the amount of personal income
3. Request for credit insurance
4. Statement by the loan applicant
5. A request for a loan from the budget of the Republic of Serbia
6. Declaration on the Absence of / possession of property owned by the borrower (and co-debtor if there )
7. E certification
8. the consent of the owner of real estate to the said immovable property mortgaged
9. Approval of the borrower (and co-debtor if any) for obtaining a report from the credit bureau

Documents van banks

1. Decision on establishing the property tax of physical persons
2. a copy of the marriage certificate - if you are not married
3. The option agreement or purchase REAL ESTATE lawyers buyer or seller
4. Valuation of real estate to be mortgaged and photocopy of identity card appraisers
5. Proof of ownership of the real estate that is mortgaged
6. photocopy of the property owner (and spouse, if married) whose property is mortgaged

The documentation after loan approval

1. Blank promissory note
2. Stock declaration
3. The request for registration of the lien
4. Life insurance policy
5. Real estate insurance policy