Sale of office space Belgrade

33.900,00 €

ID: 3712
B. Mihaila Pupina, excellent premises 23m2
Subtype: Office
Location: Novi Beograd (Beograd), Blok 30 (B92)
Total area: 23,00 m²

39.900,00 €

ID: 1869
New Belgrade, Palmira Toljatija, shop, 12m2, renovated
Subtype: Shop
Location: Novi Beograd (Beograd), Stari Merkator
Total area: 12,00 m²

1.000.000,00 €

ID: 1864
Business premises for sports and physical activity
Subtype: Shop
Location: Vračar (Beograd), Hram Svetog Save
Total area: 399,00 m²

499.000,00 €

ID: 1849
Mladenovac/4 production halls/2 offices/house 300m2/plot 960ari
Subtype: Hall
Location: Mladenovac (Beograd), Međulužje
Total area: 3.000,00 m²

180.000,00 €

ID: 1549
Zlatibor - Centar - Shop - sale
Subtype: Shop
Total area: 60,00 m²

1.250.000,00 €

ID: 1648
Zlatibor - Gajevi - Hospitality and tourism unit - sale
Subtype: Hospitality and tourism unit
Total area: 600,00 m²

29.000,00 €

ID: 1799
Canarevo brdo, Petra Konjovića, shop 24m2
Subtype: Shop
Location: Rakovica (Beograd), Kanarevo brdo
Total area: 24,00 m²

500.000,00 €

ID: 1824
Voždovac, near Vera, Kalnička, shop 245m2
Subtype: Shop
Location: Voždovac (Beograd), Voždovac
Total area: 245,00 m²

2.700.000,00 €

ID: 1150
Surčin (Beograd) - Surčin - Sale and storage space - sale
Subtype: Sale and storage space
Total area: 2.700,00 m²

102.500,00 €

ID: 1158
Zemun (Beograd) - Gornji grad - Shop - sale
Subtype: Shop
Total area: 41,00 m²
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